Here is some additional information from colleague in response to the queries 
that Art, Lester and other raised...

At 09:18 +0100 25/2/09, White Brian wrote:

>1- Yes Zapfdingbats works OK in MS Word, Open Office, FM5.5 & FM6.
>2- Hard printing displays exactly as shown on screen.  I've tried
>Postscript printer, non-postscript printer and Adobe PDF from Acrobat3D.
>Same result in all.
>3- The Framemaker Console only displays the following message- The
>"Times" Font is not available.  It will be replaced by "Times New
>Roman". (I always get this message - in FM5.5 & 6 also so it is not the
>cause of the problem).
>4- The latest version (I assume) of zapf dingbats would have been
>installed with FM7.
>I would like to reinstall the zapfdingbats font but do not know how to
>or where to get it from. I am also considering reinstalling FM7 as a last 


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