But he still doesn't say if the system default printer is set to Adobe
PDF or a hard printer somewhere, which is a key diagnostic...

Are there any other users at his site who can open the file?

Given that it works on your system, that he may be running three
unsupported versions of (FM 5-7) on a system, that he gets continual
missing fonts messages but hasn't cleared them, and that he doesn't
know how to install fonts would make me wonder about his level of
system setup expertise....


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On Wed, Feb 25, 2009 at 3:47 AM, Steve Rickaby
<srickaby at wordmongers.demon.co.uk> wrote:
> Here is some additional information from colleague in response to the queries 
> that Art, Lester and other raised...
> At 09:18 +0100 25/2/09, White Brian wrote:
>>1- Yes Zapfdingbats works OK in MS Word, Open Office, FM5.5 & FM6.
>>2- Hard printing displays exactly as shown on screen. ?I've tried
>>Postscript printer, non-postscript printer and Adobe PDF from Acrobat3D.
>>Same result in all.
>>3- The Framemaker Console only displays the following message- The
>>"Times" Font is not available. ?It will be replaced by "Times New
>>Roman". (I always get this message - in FM5.5 & 6 also so it is not the
>>cause of the problem).
>>4- The latest version (I assume) of zapf dingbats would have been
>>installed with FM7.
>>I would like to reinstall the zapfdingbats font but do not know how to
>>or where to get it from. I am also considering reinstalling FM7 as a last 
> --
> Steve

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