I raised the ATM issue with Brian...

>Thanks for persevering.   Update to info below.
>I have just uninstalled ATM and restarted PC & App but it has made no
>difference. I am using Adobe Acrobat 3D v7.0.7.   My new PC has Win XP Pro 
>SP2. All programs have been clean installed and fonts reinstalled.
>I do not think FM7.1 is seeing the symbol/zapfdingbat fonts even though
>it is listing them. I have just added some symbols using ANSI code and it 
>works OK on Standard Character Set but gives either nothing or the wrong 
>symbol when it comes from the Symbol and Dingbat Sets.
>Having read the comments below re Open Type I am beginning to wonder if
>it is loss of functionality in FM7 that was restored in later versions.
>What do you and your gurus think?

[I have replied that my FrameMaker installation, 7.0p577 for Mac, has no 
problems with OpenType fonts.]

>If this is indeed the case, I will have to put a case forward to our
>management as we are using FM7 as the global standard and most of our
>legacy manuals & templates use zapfdingbats/symbols.
>Other than in the Designer, is there anywhere else in Fm that can alter
>where the program looks for fonts?


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