Although the TIFF format supports multiple pages there aren't many
applications out there supporting the multi-page flavor. Adobe Photoshop
doesn't, I believe (I haven't tested with CS3 or newer) -- even though the
TIFF spec is published by Adobe. The likely reason is that multiple-page
TIFF has a completely different purpose than TIFF for graphic arts

Unfortunately I don't have a multiple-page TIFF handy, but I'm quite certain
that Adobe Photoshop can OPEN such a beast, but upon SAVE operations I
suspect it will effectively remove anything but page 1. I'm unaware that
Adobe should have changed this behavior since I tried some time back.

Hence, be careful with the choice of editor for such TIFF files. Back-up and
test carefully !!!

The only tool I know of that actually can write multiple-page TIFF is
Ghostscript's tiffgXXX devices, which typically uses G3 or G4 encoding. G3
and G4 is primarily targetted against transmitting/storing Fax messages, i.e
is not too relevant for Photoshop to deal with -- perhaps except for
compressing 1-bit lineart.

I'd say it's generally risky business to use this TIFF flavor in a graphic

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