Also, make sure that there really is a FILE: (all caps, with the colon) port 
set up on the system. I recall that there used to be a problem with one 
generation of FrameMaker/Distiller installation where the FILE: port was being 
deleted, and this broke the ability to print to file or to create PDF directly 
by printing to the Adobe PDF virtual printer.

-Fred Ridder

> From: art.campbell at
> Date: Thu, 1 Oct 2009 16:29:22 -0400
> Subject: Re: Frame Postscript Output Problem
> To: swhite at
> CC: framers at
> OK,
> First, I would check the properties of the Adobe PDF logical printer
> to make sure that it is attached to a File port. You can create a port
> manually.
> Next, I'd pull down the Help menu and select Repair Installation (I
> think that's there in 8).
> If that doesn't help, I'd remove Acrobat 8, reboot, and reinstall.
> Then install all the updates.
> BTW -- I suspect she's using InDesign's internal PDF printing
> capability to generate the PS file there; it's not the same as using
> the Acrobat printer instance.
> Art Campbell
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