Scott White wrote:

> > From Frame, if you Print to the Adobe PDF logical printer (which
> should be set as the system default), and do not have the Print To
> checkbox in the Frame dialog box activated, does a PDF get generated?
> Does not get created.

OK, try this: 

1) Select File > Print Setup. 

2) In the Print Setup dialog, make sure Printer Name is set to Adobe
PDF, and click Properties. 

4) On the Adobe PDF Settings tab of the Properties dialog, set Adobe PDF
Output Folder to Prompt for Adobe PDF filename and check View Adobe PDF
results. Set any other defaults you want and click OK. 

5) Select Start > Printers and Faxes. Right-click Adobe PDF and click

6) On the Ports tab of the Properties dialog, see which port Adobe PDF
is assigned to. 

The port seems to vary depending on Acrobat version. I recently
installed Acro 9, and now have two new ports, My Documents\*.pdf and
Desktop\*.pdf (the former is selected). 

But as Jacob noted, for your client's installation, Adobe PDF should
probably be using the FILE: port. If the FILE: port has disappeared for
some reason, click Add Port, select Local Port, and name it "FILE:"
(sans quotes). It must be all caps and have the colon. 


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