Version: FM9
OS: XP Pro with SP3

I am having difficulty with Table Placement.

Sometimes the tables cooperate nicely and break between rows across a page in 
the manner I expect. Other times, they "insist" on starting on a new page 
regardless of the fact that there is plenty of room for some/most of the table 
on the previous page. In this latter case, I even have examples where they fill 
the page they begin on then continue to the next page for the final one or two 

The tables are all set up as follows:

Align = Left
Start = Anywhere
Title = No Title

This last is slightly inaccurate as I do give all tables a Title through a 
Paragraph Style with an Autonumber Format. This is placed before the table and 
is assigned to:

Start = Anywhere
Keep With = Next Pgf

I'm sure - or at least I'm hoping - there is some simple setting somewhere that 
will allow me to have the table break between rows as space allows (I'd prefer 
not to have it break across rows unless I choose to use that option as an 

Any suggestions?


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