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Subject: Run-in head and All Properties option


Can anyone help me out with the following: -

>>>1) What is the use of the All Properties option in Global Update

Manage paragraph and character formats
Update formats
You can change format properties and then use them to redefine, or
update, the stored formats and all the text in the document tagged with
When you update a format, you can update all properties or just one
group of properties. For example, you can change the default font family
for all formats in a document without changing any other properties.

>>>2) What are Run-in Heads and How to use the Run--in Head punctuation 
option in the paragraph designer?

Create run-in heads
Run-in heads are separate paragraphs on the same line as normal body
text. They have the same margins as normal body text, and typically have
a different font or weight for contrast. You can use a punctuation mark
to set them off from the text that follows.
The space between the run-in head and the preceding paragraph is
determined by the Space Below setting of the previous paragraph or the
Space Above setting of the run-in head, whichever is greater.
Click in the paragraph to change. If the paragraph is already a run-in
head, it is on the same line as the paragraph following it.
Select Format > Paragraphs > Designer and click the Pagination tab.
Select Run-In Head -- Default Punctuation. If necessary, enter the
punctuation, space, or combination of the two that you want to use.
Note: To override punctuation later, type the new punctuation in the
run-in head. FrameMaker ignores the punctuation specified in the Default
Punctuation box but retains any special characters that are part of the
default, including em and en spaces.
Click Apply To Selection.
Display the Default Font properties and change the run-in head's font so
that it stands out from the surrounding text, if you want.
Click Apply To Selection.

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