Alison Craig wrote:
> Version: FM9 OS: XP Pro with SP3
> I am having difficulty with Table Placement.
> Sometimes the tables cooperate nicely and break between rows across a
> page in the manner I expect. Other times, they "insist" on starting
> on a new page regardless of the fact that there is plenty of room for
> some/most of the table on the previous page. In this latter case, I
> even have examples where they fill the page they begin on then
> continue to the next page for the final one or two rows.
> The tables are all set up as follows:
> Align = Left Start = Anywhere Title = No Title
> This last is slightly inaccurate as I do give all tables a Title
> through a Paragraph Style with an Autonumber Format. This is placed
> before the table and is assigned to:
> Start = Anywhere Keep With = Next Pgf
> I'm sure - or at least I'm hoping - there is some simple setting
> somewhere that will allow me to have the table break between rows as
> space allows (I'd prefer not to have it break across rows unless I
> choose to use that option as an exception).
> Any suggestions?

Check the Orphan Rows setting?  A high number could cause this behaviour.

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