Alison Craig wrote: 

> I am having difficulty with Table Placement.
> Sometimes the tables cooperate nicely and break between rows across a
> in the manner I expect. Other times, they "insist" on starting on a
> page regardless of the fact that there is plenty of room for some/most
> the table on the previous page. In this latter case, I even have
> where they fill the page they begin on then continue to the next page
> the final one or two rows.

There are several things that can interact to affect where a table
starts/breaks. Check the following: 

- Keep With setting of the paragraph containing the table anchor (and
the pgfs before and after it)

- Orphan Rows setting in the Table Designer (Basic tab)

- Custom row format settings (Start Row and Keep With) of each affected
row (Table > Row Format) 

> The tables are all set up as follows:
> Align = Left
> Start = Anywhere
> Title = No Title
> This last is slightly inaccurate as I do give all tables a Title
through a
> Paragraph Style with an Autonumber Format. This is placed before the
> and is assigned to:

This really isn't a good idea. Why do you want to kludge a title in this
way instead of making it part of the table format? The latter can use
the very same autonumbered pgf format you're using for the fake titles.
And a title that's part of the table format will repeat on subsequent
pages (optionally, with the Table Continuation variable appended). 

> Start = Anywhere
> Keep With = Next Pgf
> I'm sure - or at least I'm hoping - there is some simple setting
> that will allow me to have the table break between rows as space
> (I'd prefer not to have it break across rows unless I choose to use
> option as an exception).

You don't get that choice. :-) Unlike Word, FM doesn't permit a page
break within a row. (If you must, you can fake it by using two rows,
with custom ruling settings hiding the ruling line between them so they
look like one row.) 


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