On 2013-02-14 14:44, Ken Poshedly wrote:
> I posted my first frameusers list inquiry Wednesday morning, but never
> saw it or any replies for quite sometime.
> After waiting an hour or so and not seeing either my message or any
> replies on the frameusers list, I posted to the techwr-l e-mail list
> (and also cross-posted to the frameusers list).
> The techwr-l posting resulted in a multitude of replies within the same
> hour. I would not have cross-posted if it had been received and
> displayed rather quickly like on the techwr-l list.
> My apologies for any annoyance to readers, but the extreme frameusers
> list lag time was my concern because of the major problem at my office;
> it is only one coworker and myself who handle tech pubs here, and with
> an inoperative FrameMaker system here, that's half the department (of
> two people) down.

Yes, I have basically stopped replying to this list because of what I 
assume is manual moderation. I asked the list owner about it some months 
ago but never got a reply.

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