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I would have to say that the person Ken spoke to must be a tech-idiot, 
but that would not be the first I have spoken to at Adobe (re previous 
discussions on Adobe's appalling registration system and advice to me to 
reinstall the entire computer OS because Acrobat Pro's registration 
database was corrupted).

If it were true, then that must surely make FM the only application 
created since DOS was king that cannot handle networked or shared 

I think, ignore the Adobe tech-idiot and proceed with what we know to be 
the truth.


On 14/02/13 8:49 AM, Dave.Stamm at wrote:
> 2013-02-13-03T19:50Z
> ?_YIKES_!
> If Ken was informed correctly, below ? and I _really_ hope he was
> _not_ ? then that effectively rings the death knell of FrameMaker?s use
> by my employer.
> It was in only the last month that I got upgraded to FrameMaker 11, but
> I?m happy to report that I haven?t encountered this type of problem.  To
> conform to _corporate_requirements_ we have FrameMaker installed on our
> C:\ drives, but the files we produce and edit are on a server, so we
> work with them across our local area network and, sometimes, the
> wide-area network.
> Dov, if you see this, will you please confirm, modify, or refute the
> information Ken posted below?
> ?Thanks!
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> On Wed, Feb 13, 2013 at 8:55 AM, Ken Poshedly <poshedly at
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>> I just learned from Adobe tech support (via phone call) that the permissions 
>> in
>> FrameMaker 11.0 have been modified so that the data files should also be on 
>> the
>> same hard drive where FM 11.0 is installed. Working across drives (FM here, 
>> data
>> files there) is no longer an accepted practice -- at least not with FM11.
> Seriously? I can understand network-based locations causing issues, but
> I have _/never/_ seen a problem where an executable (FrameMaker or
> otherwise!) is on one drive and the ?data? files are on a separate drive
> _/on the **same** system/_.
> In fact, I do this right now ? my C drive is the usual location for all
> executables (FrameMaker, Office, compilers, etc.) and my E drive
> contains all my other files (including the books and files I work on).
> And, I do not have any problems with this setup whatsoever. I am
> surprised that Adobe thinks that this would be a problem in any way! If
> really accurate, this would be a strange, and completely unacceptable,
> artificial constraint.
> Z
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