On 29/05/07 23:56, Michael 'Mickey' Lauer wrote:
Hi Thomas,

* It's not possible to retrieve the current connection status (e.g.
whether the phone is registered with a network)

That's missing some support API in libgsmd.

* What should the dialer use to play ring tones?

Probably something like moko_ui_event_trigger( "incoming call", "" )
which is the top level API for the forthcoming event API.
It's not yet implemented though, but will hopefully be by the end of next week.

* How should speaker mode work?

Should use a forthcoming API in libmokoui to reconfigure the sound settings,
i.e. something like moko_ui_set_sound_scenario( "handsfree" ). This
API will reconfigure ASoC then to make this happen in a way that
(hopefully) doesn't conflict with concurrent scenarios (which is the
reason for not directly calling alsactl from the dialer btw.).

Hi Mickey,

Could you let us know who will be responsible for writing this API? Another question I had related to the sounds, but also to openmoko-today, is what sort of "settings" application is planned? How will users be able to change their ring tone or phone background? I haven't seen any mockups or pages in the wiki for this.



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