Certainly there are the bits with the high on speed/acid/booze Hells Angels
and others (hanging about on stage, before the murder,) from the Maysles
film "Gimme Shelter" and though not a psychedelic drug film, there are few
films that are druggier than "Requiem for a Dream" and I guess "Drugstore
Cowboy" might be considered in that way too. Oh, and then of course there
is the more recent "A Scanner Darkly".

Puff N Stuff has been mentioned so I'll include my reference to the "Mr.
Show" episode that puts the Sid and Marty Croft man in a suit Saturday
morning kids shows into a proper context, i.e., Lidsville, Sigmond and the
Sea Monster, etc....supper druggy and funny.

If your looking for more transgressive depictions of drug/underground
culture then look into the films of Richard Kern and the other
Transgressive filmmakers, "Right Side of My Brain" and others from his
canon might help.


"Rivers Edge" - weed/booze/speed/narcotics
"Quadrophenia - speed/booze/weed
"Dogstar Man" certainly looks druggy
"What We Do is Secret" - Germs/Darby Crash biopic heroin/speed/weed/booze
"Sid and Nancy" - you name it
"Martin" - vampirism as drug addiction - George Romero
"Addiction" (also vampirism as drug addiction) , "Bad Lieutenant" - Abel
Loads of goofy getting it ridiculously wrong drug stuff in the old cop show

Thats a pretty disparate group I've listed but hope it helps in some way.

Joe V.

On Sun, Feb 10, 2013 at 10:23 AM, Watter, Seth <seth_wat...@brown.edu>wrote:

> Ken Russell's Altered States: William Hurt tripping in the desert with
> natives.
> Seth
> On Sunday, February 10, 2013, Francisco Torres wrote:
>> Back in the late 60s/ early 70s most TV cop shows included a "trip"
>> sequence. The trend culminated with The French Connection 2 infamous heroin
>> room. Most of those trips were more funny than scary....
>> Some TV series were a trip like Land of the Giants and Puff N Stuff
>> (Which we 5th graders used to call "Puffing stuff" back in 72). Nixon TV
>> press conferences were also quite trippy.
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