hi everyone, thank you for all your comments!
i think i am just going to go ahead and try out what you recommended in terms 
of exposure etc.
if i manage to get something decent together i´ll let you know!


On 20 Jun 2013, at 14:14, Roger Wilson wrote:

> Hi Insa,
> Super 8mm Colour Negative film can look beautiful if it is exposed properly. 
> A big problem filmmakers have is not knowing their super 8mm camera well 
> enough. Most Super 8mm cameras do not have the same shutter angles as 16mm 
> and 35mm cameras (180), the shutter angle on Super 8mm cameras can range from 
> 150 to 220. Because the shutter angle is different in each camera you should 
> first find out what the shutter angle is for your camera.  Another thing with 
> shooting Super 8mm negative stock is that most Super 8mm cameras do not read 
> the speed of the new kodak film stocks properly anymore. This is why if you 
> shoot using any Super 8 film stock, whether reversal or negative you should 
> be using a hand held light meter and not rely on the internal light meter. Do 
> this and you will be exposing the film correctly. If you can get some ND 
> (neutral density) filters that fit your lens that would also be a good thing, 
> so you can control the light when shooting in bright sunlight. If you can get 
> some lights I would also recommend using them for your external night scenes. 
> If you can light I would say go with the 200T, if not then the 500T would be 
> best for night scenes. It will be more grainy though, which might be the look 
> you are going for. Controlling your exposure through the process of 
> controlling the light and your f-stops so they work for you is the best 
> method. I like to work with an f-stop of around 4 to 5.6. Somewhere around 
> the centre of the lens creates nice sharp images.
> As for transfer houses, I use Frame Discreet in Toronto Canada, not sure 
> where you are located. Anyway feel free to contact me directly if you have 
> any other questions. Super 8mm film can look like 16mm if used properly.
> Roger D. Wilson
> 613 324 - 7504
> rogerdwil...@sympatico.ca
> http://www.rogerdwilson.ca
> Without failure you can never achieve success. I have based my process and my 
> career as an experimental film artist on this statement; and I welcome it as 
> it pushes me forward as an artist to try something different, something new. 
> From: insa.langho...@gmail.com
> Date: Wed, 19 Jun 2013 23:40:14 +0100
> To: frameworks@jonasmekasfilms.com
> Subject: [Frameworks] Which Super8 Stock Should I Use?
> Dear Frameworkers,
> I would like to start working and experimenting with Super8 film. I have got 
> a short film in mind, which I want to shoot in colour. I haven´t got any 
> previous experience of working with film, so I wondered if you could give me 
> any ideas on what stock to get. 
> The film will have a few scenes which are set at night, so I´ll need to get 
> stock with different sensitivities. I have looked at the VISION2 200T Color 
> Negative Super 8 Film and the VISION2 500T Color Negative Super 8 Film - are 
> they any good? I am also not sure whether to get negative or reversal film.
> I haven´t got much funding, so the cheaper the better I guess. 
> Thank you all so much!
> Insa
> filmmaker and editor
> insa.langho...@gmail.com
> m: (0044) (0)7789 38 22 84
> www.insalanghorst.com
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