Hey Ekrem,

I'm not seeing it on the online program 
(http://www.nyu.edu/orphanfilm/orphans8/ ) but I'm fairly certain Jodie Mack, 
possibly in collaboration with another artist, showed a 70mm direct animation 
film at the 8th Orphan Film Symposium in 2012. It was my understanding that it 
was an original and I think it was a last minute addition to the program, in 
light of it being held at the Museum of the Moving Image which has 70mm 
capability. It must have been an original and not a print.

Hope someone else can back up my statement which I'm almost certain was not 
some sort of elaborate nerd-dream.
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Thanks for the tip Roger. I imagined if there were any that they'd be probably 
direct animation. I know Brakhage made Night Music on it, but I highly doubt 
it's projectable (or that he made a 70mm print of it!) That said, I also don't 
know how the machine would handle any direct originals to begin with. Probably 
fine... but also probably something worth checking.

Commission might be the best way to go; though I do know that orphaned 70mm can 
be hard to come by. According to a projectionist I was talking to, fresh leader 
is like a $ grand or so. The couple theaters left that do show IMAX still throw 
their trailers out from what I understand (for scavenging), and you 
occasionally see one on ebay. A performance is a possibility too...

Unfortunately, the timeframe to do so might be too short in general - I just 
learned that a very large theater here (the biggest in Texas!) is apparently 
doing the switchover this winter/spring, and I thought it might be a nice send 
off to that mechanical beast (if the theater is interested too). That said, 
it's unclear whether they're going to get rid of it, though considering how 
much space it takes up, I presume they will... but, as said before, all very 
tentative and under investigation.

In general if any of you other folk have been playing around with it, have some 
laying around that you were thinking of doing something with and so on, be in 

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Here's the only one I know of:


Always thought it'd be great to give orphaned prints of Imax film to a bunch of 
direct animators to do as they will.  Maybe you need to commission a program 
rather than just curate it?

Good luck,

On Jul 25, 2014, at 4:12 PM, Ekrem Serdar 
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> Hey Framers,
>   I'm investigating a possibility where we may be able to do a screening with 
> an IMAX film projector, and I guess I'm wondering if any of you folk have 
> played around with the 15/70 (or know of films that are on it). As said, it's 
> very tentative, and I'm sure there's only a small bunch of you if any, but if 
> you have, be in touch.
>  (or if you just worked with regular 70mm and it would work sideways(!) - I 
> presume the film strip is otherwise the same, distance between perfs, etc? 
> Not sure, feel free to correct me.)
> --
> ekrem serdar
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