Hi David,
To add to the list of suggestions, La Langosta Azul 
(https://youtu.be/lYfGQ-jw-TI <https://youtu.be/lYfGQ-jw-TI>) would be a great 
addition. All of Luis Ospina and Carlos Mayolo’s work is fantastic, in 
particular their amazing documentary on writer Andrés Caicedo; Unos pocos 
buenos amigos (https://youtu.be/hmPyyIw7rCM <https://youtu.be/hmPyyIw7rCM>). 
Víctor Gaviria has made some interesting fiction work, El Vagón Rojo comes to 
mind. As well as Jorge Silva and Marta Rodríguez, their most well-know 
documentary is called Chircales. Artists to consider on the videtart front 
would be Rodrigo Castaño, Sandra Isabel Llano, Gilles Charalambos. 
You could expand on your search with these organizations:

Good luck on your search!

> On Dec 27, 2015, at 5:49 PM, FCO. JAVIER HURTADO MOMPEO <xhurt...@ub.edu> 
> wrote:
> one of the most experimental "classic" colombian films its called "Agarrando 
> pueblo" directed by Carlos Mayolo and Luis Ospina. Luis Ospina is still 
> alive. Marta Rodriguez (anthropologist and filmmaker, still alive too) on the 
> other hand is another key figure in the documentary engaged in social 
> (indigenous) issues.
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> Tema: [Frameworks] Experimental film/video from COLUMBIA S.A.?
> Greetings,
> We have a young video artist from Columbia S.A.  visiting Exploded View in a 
> couple of weeks and I was looking for any recommendations of any works (are 
> there any classics?) of Columbian experimental film/video that we might show 
> to round out the bill. I am unfamiliar with works from here and searching for 
> "Columbia and experimental film" ends up w/ a million links Columbia College 
> & Columbia University and the other N.A Columbias...
> I did find this organization http://cineautopsia.com/ 
> <http://cineautopsia.com/> , but wanted any Frameworks recommendations if 
> they exist.
> Best New Years wishes from Exploded View, 
> David
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