Thank you, Scott. Your indications couldn't be more clear.

2017-10-22 14:35 GMT+02:00 Scott Dorsey <>:

> Yes, the neg needs to be cut in order.  You can cut it with scenes simply
> in
> order (and cement splice it).  If you do this you will see a line on the
> screen
> at each cut.  The better way to do this is to A-B roll, that is to make two
> rolls with a checkerboard pattern with scenes alternating with black
> leader.
> If you do not want to touch the negative yourself either because you do not
> have a cement splicer or a clean enough place, you can ask the lab to
> "conform"
> the negative from the edit list.  Very few labs today will actually do
> conforming and the ones that do will charge a lot, but there are some
> places
> out there that do nothing but negative conforming.
> I suggest that if this is your first time that you borrow a hot splicer and
> buy some black camera leader (not print leader) and give it a try just to
> get
> a notion of how the process works.
> "A Primer On Filmmaking" by Roberts and Sharples is a good introduction to
> the mechanical process.  Get an earlier edition.
> --scott
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