Yes, I've used that method too. All you need is to be able to have maths at
a plus one and minus one level ... which I just about had.


By the way, should anyone in the PHILADELPHIA region be interested, the
working HOLMES 35mm portable projector is still in the cellar in South
Philadelphia and will be trashed in December if no interested party
materializes.   A pity but the history of cinema has witnessed greater
losses.  If there were interested responses to my earlier announcement, I
was out of contact until now, and thus didn't read them ... sorry; so please
duplicate and send to my email below.



Dr. David Woods

Holcus Ltd*

16 John Street

Kingston Square



Tel. 44 1482 580290 cel 07908834250

*  Home of The Holcus Effect (THE)



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Hi Esperanza,

I once asked my lab if I could make tape splices. The New York lab said
sure. The Paris lab said no but they allowed me to make tape splices leaving
an extra frame on either side of my cut which they cut off and replaced with
a cement splice. In that way you get to do the creative part without having
to invest in new equipment and techniques.




At 16:13 +0200 22/10/17, Esperanza Collado wrote:

Thank you, Scott. Your indications couldn't be more clear.


2017-10-22 14:35 GMT+02:00 Scott Dorsey <>:

Yes, the neg needs to be cut in order.  You can cut it with scenes simply in
order (and cement splice it).  If you do this you will see a line on the
at each cut.  The better way to do this is to A-B roll, that is to make two

rolls with a checkerboard pattern with scenes alternating with black leader.


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