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> Changing the subject won't start a new thread of discussion; the
> "In-Reply-To" headers preserve the thread regardless of the "Subject"
> headers of the messages.  It's preferable to use the "compose new email
> to this address" feature of your email client instead of "reply".


K9 mail (the best MUA I've found for Android) has poor support for doing that.  
There is no direct way of doing it and it seems impossible to create such a 
new message without first adding the address in question to your contacts.  
Copy/paste is impractical when you have a tiny screen and even tinier text.

If someone wants to start writing free software for Android then this could be 
a good feature to add...

PS  It would be nice if Mailman supported users who have multiple email 
addresses, taking russell+lists to be the same as russell would be convenient 
for me.

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