On 14/01/12 02:11, George Patterson wrote:

Neither subtle nor overt harassment should not be tolerated. Name
calling or stating that someone's argument doesn't matter is wrong,
perhaps there is something in the person argument or some side of it
that you haven't considered. In the recent past, I have found some
people on this list to be obnoxious at worse or blunt at best.

George and I caught up at linux.conf.au and I gather that the obnoxious/blunt discussions he mentioned were actually on another group's mailing list.

It goes without saying Free Software Melbourne expects all members to be excellent to each other. If you ever feel uncomfortable about participating in this group, please get in touch with myself <ben at stumbles.id.au> or Alex Fraser <alex at phatcore.com>. We take harassment seriously and promise to handle any concerns promptly and discretely.


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