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> But 28% is nowhere near parity, and it raises the question of whether
> 50/50 is a realistic goal.

I don't know who is promoting parity, or 50/50. I would appreciate a
Message-Id to whatever message you're getting that idea from.

Who is proposing that goal? If no-one, why are you criticising it?

> Far more importantly than how many women there are in open source is
> *how happy the women in open source are*. Even if 28% women is the
> very highest participation rate we can get, given the society we live,
> our goal should be that the women in open source get to feel safe and
> included in our movement.

Right. Given the apparent fact that free-software participation from
women is at single-digit percentages, I'd say that supports the idea we
are a long way from this laudable goal.

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