On Wed, 20 Sep 2000, Sean Ward wrote:

> Hmm, if you could get us a copy of the .ogg files which are misclassified,
> we can see if we made our current recognition tolerance too loose. Also, if
> you could give us a list of which ones are missclassified, that would be
> incredibly useful. You may have have just won the first to find a
> missclassify in the signature code award ;)

Cool! - the benefits of "test early, test to destruction". :) I can
make you a list (coming soon to a mailing list near you), but the ogg
files themselves could be a bigger problem. I don't have any place of
my own to upload them and attachments to the mailing list isn't really
the way to go. Any ideas?

List of misrecognized coming under separate cover.

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