On 21 Sep, Joseph A. Martin wrote:
> On Thu, 21 Sep 2000, Isaac Richards wrote:
>> Could you upgrade mb_client from CVS, remove these tracks from the music tree,
>> and get it to re-signature them?  I believe I've fixed the problem -- seemed
>> some tracks didn't like the old downmix code that was in there.
> Uhhm, I tried. I updated both mb_client and freeamp from CVS. I
> updated FreeAMP as well, because my enhancement "bug" regarding Vorbis
> metadata was marked fixed. Anyway, I recompiled both (mb_client
> followed by FreeAMP just for the record) and now it's segfault city.

Uhm. Hmmm. Did you do a make distclean && configure && make on both
projects? If not, please go back and try that.

If so, try this. Remove vorbis.mdf from the plugins directory. Can you
do a search now? The vorbis.mdf file is the metadata reader for vorbis.
Please let me know if this fixes it -- and then if you can figure out
which file is causing it I'd like to get a hold of that file for some

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