Interesting. So brightness value "is" changed, but not acted upon then when
using the hotkeys?

I could care less about suspend/resume as I don't really use it.
 Brightness and the fan (thanks for reminding me about the corruption) are
what is killing my use. I have a SSD so even though boot isn't 5sec on
FreeBSD, I can still live with waiting 10 extra seconds. Having brightness
eat up my battery time and fan spinning like crazy is a problem, though.

What do you mean by the fan controls still work in manual and automatic?
Does that mean every time brightness is changed, fan speed needs to be set
to auto again for it to work properly?

Also, I assume the dimming from inactivity will not work until EC is
responsible for brightness change?

... and then I have the issue with Konstantin's latest patch for STABLE
where after I exit X, I have no monitor or keyboard control. I guess I can
bypass this with a login manager.


Lyubomir Grigorov (bgalakazam)
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