Hey Matt, thanks for clearing things up. It looks like this is an ongoing
process ever since you first started the thread.

> The fan is horribly noisy on this model. However, it will quiet down a
bit on its own when temperature goes down...enabling C states and running
"powerd -a adaptive -b adaptive" should help a lot...I don't recommend
manual fan control as at least my i7 already runs way too hot in linux
> and win7 (for the 10 minutes I had it :) ). Run Lenovo bios updates as
well, many complaints about post tsunami fans from Lenovo China instead of
Lenovo Japan...
Actually for me, the HDD that came was much louder than the fan. I swapped
it out in favour of a SSD until I am ready for mSATA + HDD. Also, I have
the original Windows 7 that way.

> http://wiki.freebsd.org/Intel_GPU
> On Konstantin's page he mentions this...it's a known issue
I feel dumb, because I did read that page many times in the past but didn't
realize it's the same issue :D

> Only the fan speed value shows as 0xFFFF or something, however it can
still be set 1-7 or back to automatic as usual
Sorry for asking, but I just can't find this. What is the command for
changing the fan speed, especially to auto?


Lyubomir Grigorov (bgalakazam)
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