On 04/05/12 09:35, Любомир Григоров wrote:
I just disabled from UEFI/BIOS. I don't use it that much anyway, but it was annoying when it moved when I typed.

I can just rebuild acpi_ibm.c without world right?

    Yes, edit IBM0068 to LEN0068 as noted a while back...it will
    attach then.
    The lower touchpad is nuts...I haven't looked at it too much, but
    telling psm to recognize a synaptics didn't work when I added it to


Lyubomir Grigorov (bgalakazam)

Yes, it should be possible if your sources are in synchronization with world/kernel.

Just make the edit and go to /usr/src/sys/modules/acpi/acpi_ibm and type make && make install

You'll notice that fan speed becomes something ugly after trying to set brightness, but everything will work otherwise as far as I have tested. I have found that the machine gets quite hot on its own especially with turbo core on the i7 and heavy usage, even with power tuning. Adjusting fan speed could be dangerous, I would certainly keep a close eye on temperatures during something like buildworld to be sure. I think the brightness ec address could be wrong in acpi_ibm, leading to corrupting the fan speed value, but that is conjecture.

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