At 7:30 PM +0200 1999/10/14, Anton Berezin wrote:

> Hmm, it sends mails itself.  I doubt it can do this more effectively than
> postfix does.  Am I wrong?

        I quote from the README file:

>> You probably want to create a listar user/group so that the program
>> runs as an unpriveledged user.  Chmod the listar executable to this
>> user and make sure this user is a trusted user of your sendmail
>> program.  Also make sure all the list directories and the
>> script have the correct permissions and can be read/written
>> by the listar user/group.

        [ ... deletia ... ]

>> Create lists using the script.  This script will create all the
>> initial list files for your list.  Further documentation will be
>> forthcoming at a later date (any volunteers?)  The script
>> will output some aliases which should be added to a valid aliases file
>> for sendmail.  After adding them, run 'newaliases' (or the equivalent
>> for your machine).

        I've just downloaded the package and haven't yet had a chance to 
actually try it out, but it looks to me like it uses the standard 
sendmail & SMTP interfaces.

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