On 25/07/2011 00:03, Ron McDowell wrote:
1) no "back" button/selection/mechanism on each screen. Rebooting because I fat-fingered something on the previous screen is, well, unacceptable. 2) no "minimal" install. Most of my installs are single- or few-task servers where I need a base os and a couple ports. 3) I see no "post-install" uses on the new one. Sysinstall could be used on an up-and-running system to do everything from adding a user to changing a nameserver and more.

Another potential problem is that the new version of libdialog that the new installer uses changes the way navigation is done: on Linux and in the previous version on FreeBSD it's possible to press <Tab> to change focus to the buttons and different UI elements. That doesn't work any more.

Bruce Cran

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