On 25/07/2011 02:08, Nathan Whitehorn wrote:
On 07/24/11 20:03, Bruce Cran wrote:
On 25/07/2011 00:03, Ron McDowell wrote:
1) no "back" button/selection/mechanism on each screen. Rebooting because I fat-fingered something on the previous screen is, well, unacceptable. 2) no "minimal" install. Most of my installs are single- or few-task servers where I need a base os and a couple ports. 3) I see no "post-install" uses on the new one. Sysinstall could be used on an up-and-running system to do everything from adding a user to changing a nameserver and more.

Another potential problem is that the new version of libdialog that the new installer uses changes the way navigation is done: on Linux and in the previous version on FreeBSD it's possible to press <Tab> to change focus to the buttons and different UI elements. That doesn't work any more.

It's a change from before, but a normalization with respect to most Linux distributions, since we are now using the same dialog as, e.g., Debian and Ubuntu.

The Debian installer appears to use the old navigation method, and SuSE 11.4 seems to too.

Bruce Cran
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