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                Maybe there was no development for 15 years.  However,
                the 7364
                lines in ChangeLog after 2010-02-04 suggests that
                there may
                be few bugs to worry about.

        I think the fact is that most direct users of RCS use it in a
        very simple way, and
        it works just fine for that.  with no real need for any
        updates or any change.

    With all due respect Julian, The more we discuss this more this
    really points to the problem that FreeBSD appears to be a
    challenge to install packages into such that a package moving out
    of base is such a big deal.

    Can we fix that instead?

    I mean, this change should really not be a big deal, but yet it is
    and this speaks to the core of FreeBSD utility.

    So again, is there a way to make it so adding RCS after install is
    not a big deal at all?

​I haven't kept up-to-date with all the developments, but isn't this part of the bsdinstall/pkgng plan? Once the pkgng repos are all available and populated, then bsdinstall will be able to install packages from there during the install. And, isn't that part of the plan for the DVD installers, to include an "installer repo" for off-line installs?

IOW, theoretically, one could just download the 10.0 DVD, boot, install the base, browse the repo on the DVD, select items to install, install, reboot, and be finished. Without ever needing to touch an Internet connection until after rebooting into FreeBSD, if it's even needed at all.

Or was that one of the "pie-in-the-sky" ideas that hasn't materialised yet?​

I thought sysinstall could do this 13 years ago?


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