from Devin Teske:

> That wasn't the rationale. sysinstall was broken and more people wanted a
> replacement than wanted to see it fixed.

> bsdinstall is simply coming of age still (sysinstall had a 15 year run).

Some things I disliked about sysinstall were choosing a type of install from a 
confusing menu 
(standard install, developer install, and others not clearly comprehensible).
Then there was the breaking up of sets into 1392 KB chunks (base.aa, base.ab,, ...)
as if it were possible to find enough good floppies to write to.

Also, the holographic shell was practically impossible to use.

More on topic, since so many users depend on rcs, I say leave it in base, at 
least until OpenRCS or Fossil can replace it.


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