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On Tue, 8 Oct 2013, Lyndon Nerenberg wrote:

For this to work in a disconnected environment, you need a ports tree with a fully populated distfiles/ directory. The hack we came up with was to put a FreeBSD host on the external network, on which we ran a script once a week or so that would do the something like 'portsnap fetch update; portsclean -DD; for in in /usr/ports/*/*; (cd $i && make fetch); done'.

I just reviewed a documentation patch which was noting that 'make fetch' can be done in a category directory or even in /usr/ports itself. Maybe a little more reliable than the shell loop.

-Ben Kaduk

That would give us a (mostly) populated /usr/ports/distfiles. We would then rsync /usr/ports from the public machine onto a USB drive. That drive would then be disconnected from the public machine and attached to an internal file server, and its /usr/ports rsynced to the file server's /usr/ports.
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