"Jordan K. Hubbard" wrote:
> > But does this also check the kernels ?  It was my understanding that
> > it only did world/release ?
> It only does the world/release (and it's the chrooted make release
> "world build" which is reported on, not the host system's BTW) but
> could easily add a kernel build just for the benefit of the
> mailing list folks.  It would be trivial to add.
> > As for the lists being tedious and long: I've sorted the content by
> > relevance, and it was my hope that over time they would shrink to
> > zero if we annoyed people enough with them.
> I think that's too much annoyance, really.  I can see most people
> simply unsubscribing from -current in the face of a mail that long and
> tedious (and daily) and -current was never created as a place for
> daemons to talk to people in any case, it was created as a discussion
> forum.  Let's do this, by all means, but let's plase do it elsewhere.
> Anyone who starts sending daily automated anythings to any of our "top
> level" mailing lists will classify themselves as a spammer on my and
> many other people's radar.

Not sure I agree with the annoyance issue. It's already got a few people
thinking about some of the issues so I think it's useful.

If we lose some readers of -current because a report of development
problems is too much for them then they probably shouldn't be -current
subscribers in the first place. Hackers is supposed to be the mailing
list for people generally interested in hacking on FreeBSD, current
*should* be for people who want to see long tedious reports on the
problems in the current branch.

Also, the length of the report should fall dramatically as the problems
are addressed and a sudden long report will immediately focus developers
attention to the cause.


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