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>> IMHO, it's not such a bad idea.  freebsd-current _is_ the place to
>> report problems with -current, why can't the report be produced by a
>> daemon?
>Becuase it's chunky and regular enough that I don't see why we
>also can't just create a new notification service for it.

Because the people who don't compile LINT are unlikely to subscribe
to it.

The alternative is to send it to committers, but I pressume all the
ports people would be pretty annoyed, and by sending it to -current
maybe a new junior hacker or two could be ferret out :-)

>Think a bit bigger-picture also; theoretically, we should have these
>reports for -current and the RELENG_3 and RELENG_4 branches.  The
>machine-resources are available for it, we just haven't organized
>it properly.

That makes sense.

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