Ok, I wrote yesterday that I will test it (again, I would say, because when I 
recognised the problem I did some testing.  I picked up the FreeBSD Handbook 
and repeated the procedure listed in the "localization" section - with no 
success or at most half success).

Naturally I may have made mistake, may have omitted some steps,  but I will 

anyway, the whole thing started as working in a Windows environment I wanted to 
setup FreeBSD as a second operating system on my laptop, and I wanted to be 
able to do my work using freebsd only.

The partitioning was done originally from Windows, Fat32 was formatted from 
Windows 7, and I use fat32 because when I started to use FreeBSD the NTFS 
support in FreeBSD was only for reading.

The directory structure was created from windows, most of the files are various 
documents created either by me or my colleaugues and most of them are in some 
of Microsoft document format for compatibility reasons (I mean compatibility 
with my colleaugues).


András Krasznai

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> xfe display the file and directory names correctly together with creation 
> date and time (simple 'ls' does not; it shows double question marks in the 
> place of Hungarian characters. 
> ls | od -c  
> shows that such characters are represented in ls output as two characters 
> e.g. 241 253 or such, I can test again but now I do not remember the exact 
> numbers; the first of the two is the same for all Hungarian characters)

That says to me that your locale is still not set correctly.

The ls on it's own could be due to a non-compatible terminal emulator, but the 
fact that 'od' is showing two bytes rather than trying to display a character 
(however messed up the output may be) implies the characters are simply not 
valid in the locale you have set.

It would be useful to have the exact numbers from the 'od' (a test filename 
with more than 2 Hungarian characters would be useful) and an approximate 
description (or screenshot) on how they should look.

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