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> For (2), encouraging people to move away from Linux to FreeBSD
> on the server, may be something where we can get more wins.
> I think we can do this by having more HOWTO articles on
> the FreeBSD web page that explain the following:
>     (1)  We need a HOWTO article that explains for each command using apt
> or yum for installing packages,
>           how can I do the same thing using "pkg".
>           Even if we have a web page with a table, contrasting the
>           apt/yum commands, and pkg commands, that would be super
>           useful.
>           A lot of folks have moved away from FreeBSD, purely because
>           they are sick of pkg_add.  We need to explain to folks that
>           we have something better, that is quite competitive to
>           apt/yum, and it is easy to use.
>      (2)  We need a HOWTO article that explains how to set up
>            a FreeBSD environment with some of the major cloud providers,
>            i.e. Amazon, Rackspace, Microsoft Azure, etc.


While I appreciate the enthusiasm of the responses to this
e-mail thread, especially the patches to service(8), I feel that my
original e-mail was hijacked into the weeds,
and none of the questions that I asked were answered. :)

So, I am assuming that no one is working on the HOWTO's that I mentioned
in my original e-mail. :)

In the latest edition of BSDNow (
http://www.bsdnow.tv/episodes/2014_07_23-des_challenge_iv ), they refer to
a blog article where someone who was used to Linux posted their experience
setting up FreeBSD:


The Part II article goes in-depth into installing packages, and the user
had a positive experience with using pkg, which is great.

What I'd like to see is an article on freebsd.org either on the wiki
or in the handbook, which compares using apt, yum, rpm, whatever
to pkg.  Is anyone interested in working on an article like this?
I don't have the bandwidth right now.

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