> > No-one needs to grab a repository, unless they're looking at history.
> > Just use CVSup to grab the latest bits, no need to grab the entire
> > history.
> I find it virtually impossible to work with anything but the most stable 
> without the recent part of the repository because I often have to "unbreak" 
> something that was recently committed or is otherwise unfinished in order to 
> get a working system.

I consider you a very small minority.  A user who is not a developer,
but who could be a developer.  The amount of work it would take to
support your needs is way too much work, and it would only benefit <
1-2% of the user base.  Does this mean we don't care about all our
users?  Of course not, but when the same amount of time/effort can
positively effect > 50% of the user base, then it makes more sense to
spend the time more wisely.

> > Users have the choice to take it all, since trying to build a 'pruned
> > repository' is alot of work (due to the way CVS does it's thing), 
> Actually, it isn't. it can be automated rather easily based on parsing the 
> CVS tags and using RCS primitives.

Actually, it can't be.  You can get about 90% of the way automatically,
and the remaining 10% requires human intervention (due to the way Attics
and tags are used).  Really it can't.  (Tried it in a previous project,
we gave up and ended up building a new repository).


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