At 1:32 PM -0700 2000/4/25, Matthew Hunt wrote:

>  Maintaining a CVS repository is necessary only if you are working
>  on the code, so your proposal would only affect devlopers, not Joe
>  User.  Normal users do not maintain copies of the repository and do
>  not have a frequent need to examine history.

        True enough.  However, how many "normal users" would you expect 
to be subscribing to the freebsd-current mailing list?  If this is a 
current versus stable versus release issue, I think we can all agree 
that most users are clueless enough that they can't even figure out 
how to send e-mail to the freebsd-questions mailing list, much less 
anything else.

        So, you are either forced to change your definition of "normal 
users" to be people who would be subscribing to this list (and 
hopefully contributing in some way) and you have to acknowledge that 
change in definition, or you have to change the term that you use.

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