At 8:50 AM -0700 2000/4/26, Matthew Hunt wrote:

>  In any case where somebody says "Y'all should do such-and-such"
>  without ponying up the code himself, we should be thinking about
>  whether the benefit to the users will "pay for" the time it takes
>  us to do it.

        Sounds like a reasonable cost-benefit analysis, as far as it goes.

>                If 10% of the people who run -CURRENT would find a
>  pruned-history repository useful, but only 10% of our user-base
>  runs -CURRENT, then it seems to me that the fact that it benefits
>  1% of the user population is the relevant figure.

        I am only guessing, but the way I read the original proposal 
(which Richard has been advocating much more strongly than the person 
who originally proposed it) sounded to me like it would benefit 
anyone and everyone that installed the sources, and therefore is a 
much broader issue that really should be discussed on something like 
a -POLICY mailing list, as opposed to here on -CURRENT.

        Assuming it were relevant to just the users of -CURRENT, how can 
you be sure that only 10% of them would benefit?  To be fair and 
honest, you'd have to take a statistical sample of a large enough 
group of users of -CURRENT, and not just rely on the self-selecting 
responses by a vocal subset.

        Assuming you could take a statistically valid sample and prove 
that it really would benefit just 10% of the users of -CURRENT, how 
could you prove that only 10% of the people run -CURRENT as opposed 

>  Does this address your criticism?

        I think there are a number of issues to be resolved.  Probably 
the most important is the issue of scope of the change, and who all 
would potentially benefit (or be harmed) by such a change.

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