On Tue, 25 Apr 2000, Matthew Hunt wrote:

> Maintaining a CVS repository is necessary only if you are working
> on the code, 
 I disagree. Anyone who attempts to run "-current" on a regular basis
needs the recent history to cobble together a working system.
It is also very helpful if you are a "tester" and are willing to do more than 
provide "Buildworld is broken today" feedback.

>There's always cvsweb for occasional browsing.
If you are reasonably well connected.

> If all of the committers chip in $0.15 apiece to buy you a big enough
> disk, will you stop wasting our time about this?

I already spent a few $100 to get 18GB on my laptop.
That doesn't change my argument about the value.
The costs are much more than just HD space.

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