:       Do you have any thoughts on this subject?  Is 3.2-RELEASE old and 
:non-optimized enough that it really could stand replacing?

    3.2 is certainly old.  The question is whether or not the performance
    issue that caught you under 3.2 is fixed under 4.0.  Not knowing what
    was causing the hangups under 3.2 I can only guess that there's a 
    50-50 change it's been fixed in 4.0.  

    I'm trying to think of what Diablo could be doing that would cause 
    the system to stall on the history file, and I can't think of anything.
    It ought to work pretty well.... certainly as good or better then MFS,
    anyway.   I suspect that if the issue still exists it's going to be
    something stupid simple that doing something trivial like turning off
    write-behind will fix.


:       Given some of the problems we've been seeing lately (which I'm 
:pretty sure are a result of running out of virtual memory and the 
:machine spontaneously rebooting), I think I might be able to convince 
:my management to spring for a third 2450, but with a slightly 
:different configuration than what I'll be using for the news reader 
:       It would help me formulate useful arguments for this proposal if 
:I had input from more knowledgeable people than I.
:   These are my opinions -- not to be taken as official Skynet policy
:Brad Knowles, <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>                || Belgacom Skynet SA/NV

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