:Hi Matthew,
:On Thu, 27 Apr 2000, Matthew Dillon wrote:
:>     I can't imagine why MFS would perform better... it shouldn't, every
:>     block is stored in system memory *TWICE* (once in the VM cache, and
:>     once in the mfs process's address space).  If you have enough system 
:I've been running a MFS /tmp dir since around 2.2.4, are you now saying
:that it would be better (under 4.0-STABLE or CURRENT) to run a swap backed
:vnode fs?

    With a softupdates /tmp, the only thing MFS will save you are the 
    write-behind disk writes on large files.  The cost to using MFS is that
    every disk block in an MFS filesystem is in main memory twice.  If you
    do anything significant in your /tmp this will strain the VM system.

    In general, an MFS /tmp does not give you enough of an advantage to be
    worth it.  I would go with a normal UFS /tmp with softupdates enabled.
    A Swap-backed VN /tmp will work as well, but keep in mind that the
    sector size is 4K and you should use the appropriate options to
    vnconfig to pre-reserve the swap space so performance does not degrade
    from fragmentation.

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