On Wed, Jan 28, 2015 at 06:52:52PM +0900, Lundberg, Johannes wrote:
> Hi
> Of all the low power, high-spec system/computer-on-modules out there which
> have best support for FreeBSD?
> Variscite
> Technologic system
> Adlink
> etc.
> What I am looking for is a system with roughly this specs
> ARM or x86, 64bit if possible.
> 2-4 cores
> 1.5-2.0 GHz
> 2 GB RAM
> ~16 GB Storage
> USB 3.0
> PCB size about one to two credit cards.

In that range I would go for a Wandboard.
They are 1, 2 or 4 core iMX6 32bit with 512M, 1G or 2G RAM.
The 4 core has SATA, which to my knowledge we don't support yet.
They come with 2 useable SD-card slots - one on the module and one
on a carrier board.
Clock rate is 1GHz only IIRC and they only have high speed USB, although
the newest carrier boards have some super speed wiring for future modules.

TechNexion, the originator of that module system also has some
x86 boards - some may fit your requirements, but those are at
a higher price and bigger form factor.
Tech Nexion also has iMX6 boards similar to the wandboard with
different featuresets, but also at a higher price.

> I wish to minimize the amount of porting needed so I am very grateful if
> someone has good insights in this area. And of course, it would help a lot
> if it was a manufacturer who is willing to provide datasheets to make
> porting possible..

Freescale is producting the iMX6 and they supply a hughe PDF for them.
Also the wandboard schematics are public available.

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