On Thu, Jan 29, 2015 at 08:28:58AM +0900, Lundberg, Johannes wrote:
> By the way, this is for an embedded mobile device so we are looking for
> something more like
> http://www.kontron.com/products/computeronmodules/smarc/smarc-samx6i.html
> instead of Wandboard which has all the connectors that we won't use.

Don't get confused with the wandboard module+carrier board, which is
the normal offer (and in small volumes often cheaper than the 10x
module pack).
The Wandboard module alone is extremly similar to the Kontron modules
in your link.
They don't have eMMC (maybe some of the TechNexion have), but they
do have a micro-SD on the module itself, plus SDIO on the module header.
eMMC can have a higher transport speed because it allows for 8bit instead
of 4bit and as soldered chip it has different issued than a socketed card,
but otherwise they are very similar in design.
The 2 and 4 core Wandboards have BT/WLAN on module, but it is done by SDIO,
for which FreeBSD (to my knowledge) has no support yet.

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