On Thu, 2015-01-29 at 08:28 +0900, Lundberg, Johannes wrote:
> By the way, this is for an embedded mobile device so we are looking for
> something more like
> http://www.kontron.com/products/computeronmodules/smarc/smarc-samx6i.html
> instead of Wandboard which has all the connectors that we won't use.

That's similar to the EDM module that wandboards use:


You can buy the EDM modules directly from Technexion if you're willing
to buy quantity, or through resellers like Digikey.  The EDM modules
from technexion are compatible with the wandboard carrier boards, so you
can use a few cheap wandboards as devel and eval boards (or you can buy
the overpriced "fairyboard" carrier from technexion that has PCIe
connectors that wandboard lacks).

We're using these modules at $work, and that's basically the path I
took... I started with a wandboard and got freebsd running on it, and
once it got past the proof of concept stage (the minimum set of drivers
for the imx6 devices we need, and reasonable freebsd stability -- I had
a board running a stress test with 2 months of uptime) we designed our
own motherboards with EDM sockets on them.

-- Ian

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