> I have spent my weekend researching why my Lenovo X220s refuse to boot
> from GPT partitioned disks.
> Based on this mailing list post:
> https://lists.freebsd.org/pipermail/freebsd-i386/2013-March/010437.html
> I have written a patch for gpart to change the way the PMBR is created.
> Instead of writing the 0xee partition in the first slot (offset 0), it
> writes it to the 2nd slot (offset 1).
> This resolves the issue on my Lenovo X220s, and the installed image
> boots fine on my T530, and various other non-lenovo amd64 machines at my
> house.
> If others could please test this image (it is a pre-installed system, so
> just dd it to a memory stick, and see if it boots. Can be safely done
> without touching your disks), that would be most helpful.

I used the image, put it on a stick, and set the BIOS to boot uefi-only
or gpt-only and it never booted ? It's early sunday morning, it was
a long week, so maybe I just missed something I'm supposed to do ?

BIOS is 1.39.

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