> This was a mistake in my image, can you please try one of the new ones?
> compressed (193 MiB):
> http://www.allanjude.com/bsd/lenovofix_20150712-r285132.img.xz

I did this:

xzcat lenovofix_20150712-r285132.img.xz | dd of=/dev/da0 bs=1m

gpart show
=>     34  2097085  diskid/DISK-60A44C3FABFEEDA159663FE7  GPT  (3.7G) [CORRUPT]

gpart recover /dev/da0
gpart show
=>     34  7679933  diskid/DISK-60A44C3FABFEEDA159663FE7  GPT  (3.7G)

I rebooted, changed the BIOS to legacy-only and F12 to boot
from the USB HDD.

No change, it tries to boot and returns into the F12 boot selection menue.

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