On 2015-07-13 15:45, Warren Block wrote:
On Mon, 13 Jul 2015, Allan Jude wrote:

On 2015-07-13 14:08, Warren Block wrote:
On Mon, 13 Jul 2015, Allan Jude wrote:

On 2015-07-13 11:19, Warren Block wrote:

Needing the active flag set is indeed a different problem. I am
on a patch for bsdinstall that will allow the user to request the
bit be set as well.

For GPT, that should be the default, because it matches the standard.

I would like to see an effort to get Lenovo to fix their broken
UEFI/BIOS.  Adding non-standard PMBR configurations should be

Lenovo has fixed the issue in newer models, x230, t530, t540 etc work

Just the x220, t420, and t520 etc series do not.

The latest BIOS update for the x220 was less than two months ago, so it
is still supported.  That they've fixed the problem in other models
shows they understand the issue.  So owners of those models should be
bugging Lenovo, so to speak.

Long-term, it seems like they as a company would be concerned that
special bug fixes naming their specific models are needed.

Short-term, we probably can't avoid this.  It would be nice to be able
to remove a Lenovo-specific hack from gpart in the future with a commit
that says "Fixed by Lenovo BIOS update #123, no longer needed".

I tried the latest bios update for the X220, from 2015-05-27

It does not resolve the issue.

Also, it required some hoop jumping, as they only provide a bootable
cd (x220s do not have CD drives) and a windows program.

However, if others are interested, this handy perl script:

can be used to extract the el torito image from that .iso to a file,
that can then be dd'd to a USB stick and update the bios.

Sorry, I did not mean to imply that the latest X220 BIOS fixed the
problem, just that they were continuing to release BIOS updates for it
and could not disown responsibility by saying the system was no longer

Right. I was not aware they were still publishing BIOSs, so I was hopeful it was fixed, and was disappointed after jumping through the hoops to get the update without installing windows on my machine, or somehow connecting a CD drive to it.

Anyway, yes, hopefully Lenovo will fix this someday.

Allan Jude
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