"Brian W. Buchanan" wrote:
> On Mon, 15 May 2000, Greg Lehey wrote:
> > > I see this money scheme as an extension of the "finger pointing"
> > > which does nothing to build team spirit.
> >
> > That depends very much on the way it's taken.  At the moment, people
> > take the pointy hat voluntarily, not because it's forced on them.
> > It's my expectation that the $5 should be in the the same spirit.
> Exactly... it's not meant to be a complicated system of fines or to
> discourage people from developing (at Desktop, we certainly don't want
> that!), it's just a little bit of good-natured public humiliation to
> encourage people to think (and maybe test) before they commit. :-)

The only problem being that at Desktop you can drop the $5 into the fine
box when you leave work but I'd have to walk down the bank and either do
a wire transfer or send an international money order. Apart from the
hassle involved there's the fact that all told it will cost me in the
region of $30-40 to pay the fine!

A nice idea but not very practical for the FreeBSD project.


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